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The safest, most natural way to shed pounds of undigested food after heavy meals

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who have cleansed and strengthened their bodies with this natural method! Find out how to do the same step by step and maintain good health for years to come. All you need to do is drink these tasty seeds with water every day…

Loved by the people, the grains of Primvital
Fibre are now even more effective!

If you want to purify your body…
If you have harmed your body with unhealthy foods…
If you suffer from annoying occasional constipation and bloating…
If you have trouble with bowel movements…
If you want to maintain healthy cholesterol levels…

Are you looking for proven recipes?
Recipes that are scientifically tested and proven?

The Primvital Fibre seeds have undergone laboratory tests at Univeristy of Agriculture in Kraków.

It can be frustrating to keep trying methods that deliver only average results. They’re expensive and usually full of chemicals. They promise you the earth but don’t do the job.

Now you don’t need to keep playing roulette with your health!

We offer you an instant win and amazing results – with no side effects.

Be prepared for some amazing results and forget all about pseudo-detox methods.

Read all about others' reviews

Astonishingly the product quickly stopped my constipation. It also put an end to my bloating, heartburn, bad breath and pain in the liver ... I was surprised at how well it worked.
Wojciech Michalczyk, 68 years old
My results have improved: the doctor surprised me by saying that my cholesterol levels and the level of toxic substances in my blood had dropped significantly.
Bożena Kogowska, Sierpc
My frame of mind's great now and my bowels are functioning properly at last.
Artur Zygmunt, businessman

Now you too can have the clean, healthy body of a new-born baby.

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

But before I tell you about them,
explore a handful of surprising facts

And it's all because of unhealthy foods and environmental pollution

They play havoc with our physical health. They reduce quality of life and are the cause of many ailments. They skillfully poison us, slowly over time. Day by day pile up in our bodies and we lose the energy to expel them in such huge quantities.

After a few years … our health begins to fail and we end up miserable as we develop one disease after another.

So if you are tired, lack energy or are missing the enthusiasm to do anything – that’s a sign your body is in urgent need of a detox treatment.

45-year-old poisoned by toxins

This is Peter’s story. He’s a 45-year-old taxi driver from Tarnow who ended up poisoned by toxins.

“It was the summer of 2010 when I started to experience unusual symptoms. I had abdominal pain, tedious constipation and I struggled with bowel movements. I kept telling myself “don’t worry, it’ll get better.” But my health didn’t improve.

I began taking handfuls of pills and then I became depressed. My doctor doubled my medication. But still it did not work.

I lost my appetite. After just 3 months, I was struggling with basic daily living. And my condition kept deteriorating. I started to have problems getting my breath. Even taking a few short steps to the bathroom was a problem. I’d wake up each day full of panic anxiety. It was the worst experience of my life.

Over years, poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and breathing in pollution had left pounds of crap piled up in my body. My intestines were not working.

I remember reading an American doctor who said: “Diseases are revenge on the body for an inappropriate diet. If toxins are not removed, they get into all the organs and block some of the processes of life.” Now I know what he meant.”

The body exposed to dangerous substances performs worse and worse

Fecal masses that you don’t excrete accumulate in your body. They can amount to pounds in weight. And they sit in your intestines.

You go to the toilet but some of this waste stays in you.

The result? Illness, bacteria and bad mood.

Storing up dangerous substances takes years. You only feel its effects years down the line. But when it starts …it creates chaos in the body and requires expensive drugs to treat.

STOP! It doesn’t have to be this way. You can protect yourself from this happening to you and secure a healthy life for yourself.

People are shocked when they weight themselves after using our detox treatment. They feel light and blissful when they’ve dumped the hard fecal masses from their bodies. Some people have lost an amazing 11 pounds in weight.


Keep clean inside and live longer

Our intestines, liver and kidneys are in charge of keeping our bodies clean. These organs work closely together to detox the body.

It’s a simple equation – keep your body clean and you’ll have a better life and no health problems. A pure body gives you a happy mind.

Various detox methods exist. Most are loaded with chemicals and have side effects. You need something completely different – a proven and natural way to detox your body. It’s been recommended by experts and our countrymen.

This method comes from the mysterious Plantago psyllium seed and Plantago ovata husks. These seeds and husks have the ability to remove undesirable substances from the colon.

In short: they give your body round-the-clock protection and significantly improve quality of life.

The Secret of Fibre

Primvital Fibre is a special combination of Plantago psyllium seed and Plantago ovata husks prepared under the supervision of nutrition experts and herbalists over many years – Andrzej Prokopiuk, a highly experienced practitioner who has been devising herb mixtures for many years.

Our team has developed an effective formula that is breaking records for popularity. This magical combination of the grain works for people of all ages.

Advantage of Primvital Fibre over other detox methods

Scientifically tested

Primvital Fibre is the only fully natural product on market with such a high content of fibre.

In this unique blend of Plantago psyllium and Plantago ovata there are up to 73 g of fibre per 100 g of product.

This beats all the available natural proucts as well as all natural foods – for example, bran contains only 48 g of fibre per 100 g of product.

„People who eat a lot of fibre smile more often than those whose diet is poor in this substance.”

– says Professor Andrew Smith of Cardiff University in Wales.

Read carefully:

Here's what Plantago psyllium and Plantago ovata
can do for you

They have the ability to remove dangerous substances from the body

Rapid elimination of harmful substances

Plantago psyllium seeds and Plantago ovata husks facilitate bowel movements and that is why they help your body remove harmful substances.

Fibre seeds contain special substances which swell in the intestines and cleanse them.

Nutritionists recommend at least 3-4 months treatments to get the best results. But you can start to feel some of the benefits and improvements from fibre much earlier!

And after a few months… what do you think will happen? How will you feel after a few months of your healthy adventure with Primvital Fibre?

It’s like cleaning. When you wipe dirt off, you feel a breath of freshness. It’s like a walk in the fresh air on the Baltic coast. You feel an increase in vitality and zest for life..

You get rid of harmful substances from your body. Your well-being increases and you feel pure inside and your energy levels soar.

Your body will thank you for detoxing many times over. Especially in our modern age with its unhealthy foods and fast lifestyles. Remember! Your body is exposed to pollution and harmful substances.

They help you keep your skin looking young

Look younger

Plantago psyllium seeds and Plantago ovata husks may actually make you look younger because they neutralize free radicals which are believed to speed up aging.

Neutralization of free radicals is nothing more than slowing negative changes in your skin.

The aging process is delayed and that can only mean one thing: you look younger and healthier.

Plantago psyllium and Plantago ovata give you a thorough colon cleanse

Experience the detox for yourself.

Cleansing and detoxing the body has a positive effect all over.

Regular grooming inside the body is a recipe for a healthy body.

When Primvital Fibre cleans out the intestines of rotting leftovers you will also feel a positive change on the outside.

Your skin becomes smoother and prettier.

And as they say: a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. And in my opinion, healthy body gives you a healthy appearance.

They relieve occasional constipation

Feel lighter!

With Plantago psyllium and Plantago ovata you can now solve the problem of constipation.

Where’s the proof? Grains of Primvital Fibre stimulate peristalsis – the movement of the intestines that removes faeces.

Primvital Fibre roams throughout the gastrointestinal tract, absorbs water and finally increases the volume of your stools.

It brings the correct rhythm back to your bowel movements. You’ll experience a bowel movement every day or at least every other day. And most importantly, it’s painless.

If you’ve ever been unable to relieve yourself for days on end, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about… No one’s going to wonder what’s keeping you in the toilet for so long.

Primvital Fibre works smoothly and in a controlled manner. It regulates the body’s work and digestive processes. It relieves occasional gas, bloating and indigestion.

It works like a broom, sweeping away undigested remains of food from the intestines. And your toilet will bear witness to its effectiveness..

They can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Keep cholesterol in the safe range!

Plantago psyllium helps you control your cholesterol and makes Primvital Fibre one of your heart’s best friends.

Its formula removes bile acids from the intestine. And reducing bile acids allows your body to get rid of excess bad cholesterol.

Energy for the whole day

Replace fatigue with fresh stores of energy.

Because Primvital Fibre systematically protects your body, it automatically improves your overall health.

You feel a significant improvement in your physical wellbeing.

After our detox treatment, your body will work at its very best. All organs will perform more efficiently and that translates into better health for you.

You gain peace of mind, new levels of energy and a better quality of life.

So does Primvital Fibre really work?

Read this excerpt from an astonishing interview with Mr. Leszek:

Leszek is a 59-year-old, cheerful and polite gentleman who has recommended Primvital Fibre not only to colleagues, but also … to doctors.

“I have recommended Primvital Fibre to three doctors – a cardiologist, a neurologist and a gastrologist. Even the cardiologist was surprised that my triglycerides had dropped so much without me even taking drugs!

The gastrologist said he regrets that Primvital Fibre isn’t available at the pharmacy, because then he would prescribe it to patients. I use fibre regularly and now I feel great!”

Why the Internet rather than pharmacy or herbal store?

I’ve visited many different doctors and spent a lot of money on medications but nothing helped. In the end I started to look on the Internet and I came across your product. I read about fibre and I bought it.

I told my doctor about it and asked if there were any contraindications to using fibre.

This is what the doctor said: “Just where did you buy it? Give me the address! Because if I could prescribe dietary fibre on prescription, I would prescribe it to every patient. There just aren’t any good products with fibre at the pharmacy.”

What was the main reason you bought dietary fibre?

I had a pretty big problem with my intestines. It wasn’t with my overall health. I felt a huge weight in my stomach that left me feeling uncomfortable all the time. My stomach felt hard, I had problems with my bowels … lots of problems.

But after just seven to 10 days of using fibre, I noticed a big improvement!

More importantly, I was drinking more water. My intestines started moving and working much better.

I must admit that before Fibre I took a lot of expensive drugs that did nothing.

Would you recommend Primvital Fibre others?

I have already recommended it! Firstly to colleagues. We are at an age when everyone has already developed bowel problems.

When someone mentions health problems, I immediately recommend Primvital Fibre. Everyone I’d given this advice to and who has tried it has been helped.”

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Do you need a treatment?

See if you need Primvital Fibre treatment.

Mark statements in accordance with the truth:

If your quiz result shows 1 or more then you should seriously consider detoxing.

Here are the stories of people who changed their lives thanks to Primvital Fibre

Kinga from Warsaw, 56 years old

"Detox helps"

I’ve suffered from constipation for years. But since I started taking Primvital Fibre my problem disappeared overnight. This product is just great. I use it along with Vital Milk Thistle.

If it wasn’t for these two products, we couldn’t imagine my husband functioning healthily.

Andrzej Krzymowski

"I'll never stop using it"

My adventure with Primvital Fibre began over two years ago. For a long time I struggled with intestinal problems. Quite often I had pains in my stomach and intestines.

It used to affect me for two to three days at a time. I couldn’t eat – I could only drink strong bitter tea … it was a forced starvation diet.

One day, I received the email from the Mapa Zdrowia about how to take care of colon. I read it but, to be honest, I was not convinced. But then my problems came back so I decided to try fibre.

My parcel arrived quickly and so I started treatment. I took fibre twice a day. After about two weeks I began to feel my intestines getting better.

After a month there was real improvement: the pain subsided and there was a marked improvement in my bowel movements. I had a stool like a healthy person. After 2 months I noticed that I had lost more than 4 pounds in weight but without dieting. After six months I shed 11 pounds.

Each month I could actually feel my intestines getting better. I even forgot that I’d ever had the difficulties from before. I recently decided to try a little experiment with beets.

I asked my wife for a decent portion of red beets for dinner. Well, Eureka… my urine stayed the normal colour of urine. There was no red or anything. Now I know for sure Primvital Fibre cured my bowels!!!

I’ll keep using it for as long as I can get it. Thank you Mapa Zdrowia.

Janusz Oleksiak

"Surprisingly effective"

First of all after Primvital Fibre really boosts my frame of mind. The product is truly effective.

I did a cholesterol test and it’s good, satisfactory result. I think that taking it once a day is enough, but I prefer to drink it in smaller portions so I have half in the morning and half in the evening.

Is Primvital Fibre is enough?

Primvital Fibre greatest strength lies… with itself! Primvital Fibre works multi-dimensionally. What does that mean?

You are currently using a computer or mobile device. You carry out dozens of tasks on it each day. For instance, you can check your email, you can read the news, you can watch movies, you can discover new products – this one unit is responsible for all effects. The same is true for Primvital Fibre.

You use it and it affects the performance of your whole body. It improves your physical health bit by bit, one day at a time for a few %. It cleanses your body from dirt, toxins and sludge. Every day.

You don’t need anything else to detox your body. Only water. Drink it together with Primvital Fibre in large quantities (1.5 – 3l per day).

How to use Primvital Fibre?

Get yourself a glass of lukewarm water. It can be boiled or bottled (still water).

Take your free scoop from the package, measure full of it and pour into a glass. Mix in the water and wait. Let the grains swell slightly before you drink them. It only takes a minute.

Repeat this twice a day – once before breakfast and then 5 minutes before dinner.

The serving size before meals acts by reducing appetite, filling the stomach and cleansing the intestines.

The secret of Primvital Fibre's effectiveness

Primvital Fibre consists of 80% Plantago Psyllium (Plantago psyllium) seeds and 20% of shell egg-shaped Plantain (Plantago ovata) seeds.

Plantago Psyllium is an annual plant that’s grown for centuries in the Mediterranean. It’s hard to source in Poland.

Psyllium from Primvital Fibre performs better than other species.

Its swelling index in 2013 is 13-15, and for other species is usually in the range of 10-12.

The swelling index, put simply, indicates how many times psyllium expands its volume after eating it in the stomach.

It’s simple: the higher index is, the better. And the better it is the more effectively the seeds cleanse and support the work of your intestines.

Cultivation of the Plantago psyllium seeds we use in Primvital Fibre is strictly supervised at all times so you can be assured of the quality of our ingredients.

The herbal company provides farmers with seeds for sowing, advises and trains them in cultivation and food safety.

What impact does Plantago psyllium have on the body? Brown, small Plantago psyllium seeds swell in the intestines and significantly increase their volume.

That gives them a laxative effect and helps them to further regulate the activity of your intestines.

Breaking news: doctors are now considering use of psyllium as a treatment to prevent swings in mood and depression.

Order now and start
to detox your body!

Just as flowers need regular watering, so the body needs proper care. Take good care of it. Try to live a healthy lifestyle and let your body work in accordance with nature by using the natural herbs of Plantago psyllium and Plantago ovate seed shells.

This unique blend creates a health product that cleanses your body and provides it with loving care.

Activate your own internal doctor who unlocks a flow of pleasant energy and takes care of you seven days a week.

It will protect you when you sleep, when you rest or when you spend a long day at work. Block the way for harmful substances and you will feel close to the perfect quality of life.

Now’s the right time. Take the challenge, order Primvital Fibre today (fresh supply).

How to get the best results?

“Primvital Fibre works best if your body is well hydrated and so we recommend drinking 1.5 to 3 litres of water each day. Drink large amounts of water during all meals.

Very few people know that the large intestine of adult person houses 17-33 pounds of fecal stones and that a person can carry them for all his life.

Predominantly after the age of 40 the colon is so filled with stones that they displace other organs from their proper places, making it difficult for the liver, kidneys and lungs to do their jobs.

This is the most important cause of diseases” – Michał Tombak
“During the autopsy of John Wayne, who died of colorectal cancer, over 22 pounds of fecal matter was pulled from his abdomen and, even though he was dead, worms (parasites) were still alive in this mass.”

Shocking test

Take the beet juice test! What colour is your urine after drinking beetroot soup?

What colour? Red!

Red pigment got into your blood stream, which might be a symptom of a leaky gut.

The blood is circulated throughout the body. The kidneys filter the blood and urine ends up red.

And what has this test shown us? That the intestines are leaking.

Beets probably won’t hurt you, but… through these leaks toxins, bacteria, yeast flow into the blood. Need I continue…?

Be sure to seal and heal the intestine.

Comparison of Primvital Fibre
treatment with other methods

Normal dietary fibre

Primvital Fibre

The result: 0-4 for Primvital Fibre

Krystyna, 52 years old

"Primvital Fibre brought me relief"

For the last 15-16 years I’ve had a problem with constipation. I’ve used different formulations, including various fibres that I bought in pharmacies and none of them have helped me. Teas give me stomach ache.

Last year I was on a trip to China. While visiting one of their PHARMACIES, I took a health test with their doctor who uses your pulse and eye exams to diagnose disease.

He diagnosed the problem with my digestive tract (constipations) and recommended treatment. The doctor speaks and understands Polish. I paid 110 Euros for a three month course of treatment. Chinese Medicine, while unconventional, is widely known for its positive effects but I hadn’t experienced it.

Looking for other product to help with my ailments I came across a Primvital Fibre. “Not another fibre”, I thought to myself. I’ve bought fibre many times in pharmacies, all different kinds with different flavours. But after reading the reviews of some people who’d used Primvital Fibre I decided to give it another try but of course this time to use Primvital.

Believe me, the benefits appeared after just a week of using it. I went through a three-month treatment and now, if I do not forget, I take one teaspoon in the morning. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Primvital Fibre Review - Zhou Jun

"I think it is a great product for cleaning our bodies inside"

I ordered Primvital Fibre because I found what you said really make sense, our bodies need to be cleared to keep it clean.

I am troubled by constipation and have haemorrhoids, which make it very suffering for me to defecate, so I decided to buy and try your products.

The cacation situation changed significantly, it excretes very smoothly and feels brilliant! So, I decided to take your advice, and purchase three bags at once time.

I think it is a great product for cleaning our bodies inside. When it changed my situation significantly, I will recommend it to my friends and families.

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Primvital Fibre Review – Mor

"I recommend Primvital Fibre to everyone!"

By the third day of using Primvital Fibre I had already started having normal bowel movements. I’m finishing my third package right now, and I can feel the full effects of the cleansing treatment.

Because of my irritable bowel syndrome, I couldn’t always eat what I wanted. Now everything has changed. I’m introducing more and more new things into my diet, I wake up rested every day, and my migraines have disappeared completely.

I feel light, my gastrointestinal problems have gone away. I’ve also lost a lot of weight.

I can say for certain that my body has been completely cleansed of toxins thanks to Primvital Fibre.

Recently, I bought two packages for my older sister, who also suffered from IBS and chronic constipation. She told me that her problems disappeared as soon as she started using Primvital Fibre.

It was sometimes the case that my sister couldn’t defecate for an entire week, but now she does every day without any problems.

I recommend Primvital Fibre to everyone! It has an amazing cleansing effect on the body. It is really the best.

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Primvital Fibre Review - Anthony

"I recommend Primvital Fibre to everyone!"

“It only took two weeks for me to clearly feel the effects of the cleansing treatment”
I’m over thirty and I used to suffer from chronic constipation, despite using all kind of different medications. I felt that my digestive system wasn’t working like it was supposed to.

When I came across your website, it was the opinions of other Primvital Fibre users that were most persuasive for me. I decided to trust you and you can’t believe how satisfied I am!

It only took two weeks for me to clearly feel the effects of the cleansing treatment. My digestion and metabolism have improved considerably. My stomach got flatter, and the scale shows that I’ve lost two kilos. In general, I feel like I have more life in me.

I can unconditionally recommend Primvital Fibre. I even think that I couldn’t do without it these days. It’s fantastic!

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Primvital Fibre Review - Dominique

"I feel a lot better, and in addition I’ve lost weight …"

We found the Primvital Fibre ad in the Internet by chance. At first, I wasn’t completely convinced, but I shared the information with our friend, who is a doctor. Of course, he instantly recommended it.

Before trying your product, I often had intestinal problems, but since I’ve been using Primvital Fibre my intestines have become totally normal. Nowadays I spend a lot less time in the bathroom!!

I feel a lot better, and in addition I’ve lost weight …

It’s an amazing product … one which has changed my life …

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Primvital Fibre Review - Lai JinXiu

"My intestine and stomach are cleaned"

Generally speaking I don’t have problems with my digestive system, but I decided to order Primvital Fibre to cleanse my body of toxins.

After using it for some time, I’ve noticed that it is easier and more pleasant to excrete every morning, and I even feel that wastes in my intestine and stomach are cleaned.

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Primvital Fibre Review - Guinda

"My troublesome constipation disappeared"

Primvital Fibre is an excellent, effective, and reliable product. After using it, my troublesome constipation disappeared, my blood sugar levels stabilised, and my cholesterol has finally become normal.

Highly recommended!

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Primvital Fibre Review - Teik

"I noticed that the excretion becomes very smoothly"

Although I do not have problems with constipation, I deeply believe there are many wastes accumulated in our digestive system and excretory system, such as stool that can not be cleaned out from our bodies effectively. I think we should promote the excretion of these wastes in a natural and effective way. I found out how Primvital Fibre works from the internet, and I decided to buy some to have a try.

After trying it, I’ve noticed that my excretion has become very smooth, and that I don’t have constipation problems.

My daughter, who also has constipation problems, tried it when she found me using Primvital Fibre, and her situation with defecation improved.

* The case studies above apply to the individuals named and the company Mapa Zdrowia cannot guarantee the same results for each user.

Everything that enters the body must eventually be removed, but in the meantime it can rot for years and provide a habitat for disease and even cause death.

– Daniel Reid.

Buy safely on the Internet

Ingredients (per 100g): Plantago psyllium seeds 80g, Plantago ovate seed shells 20g

Immediate payment with Skrill and PayPal. You can also pay by credit card.

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Money Back Guarantee

Extended return period of about 76 days!?

Yes! You get 90 full days to test the product.

According to consumer rights you have only 14 days to return the goods without giving a reason. It’s not enough. You must thoroughly test Primvital Fibre and see if it really brings the results you expect.

Try Primvital Fibre for 90 days and then decide if it has met your expectations. If your ailments do not improve or you don’t feel comfort return to your life, you will get your money back for the product.

How to get a refund?

It’s easy. All you have to do is e-mail me or call and I will immediately send the money to your account. Without writing forms or formalities. You order, test, you decide. Fair rules.

Value for you: PRICELESS

Clean up your body

Restore the natural peace and health you deserve.

Naturally we are born healthy and unblemished by the influence of various factors. As a result of the development – of ourselves and of the world – we become part of the environment, including toxic surroundings and we absorb them with everything good and bad.

These conditions remain in us, often causing various diseases and ailments.

You know this is not the life that we were created for. You know, it’s hard to live fully in these conditions, to fulfil yourself and to dream of great things.

You do not need to use expensive products to feel good. Or to spend a fortune on them. Or to pay for treatments like well-known actors.

Now you can have great results for the price of … e.g. jeans.

Of course you can wait and do nothing. You can ignore my call. You can accept the havoc created by toxins in your body. You can wait and take expensive tablets, which will have side effects. And they often aren’t able to change anything, because it’s already too late.

OR: Cleanse your body painlessly and see real results. Real results. Because only Mother Nature gives you that. Trust her.

If you feel that Primvital Fibre is for you – order it now and receive your detox treatment.

PS Soon the price of Primvital Fibre will increase when it’s stocked at the pharmacy market. Grab the opportunity and feel better this Spring.

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Order now and start your body detox!


Large Primvital Fibre 360g

Full Month of Treatment
You Take 1 Large Package of Primvital Fibre 360g

29.99 £

Shipping £4.03

Only £0.99 per day of treatment


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You order a fresh batch of Primvital Fibre PREMIUM

Who needs to detox their body? All of us! How often should you cleanse your body? At least twice a year, in Spring and Autumn.